Human Touch Perfect Chair® Serenity™ PC-086 Zero-Gravity Recliner Chair:

PC-086 Perfect Chair® Serenity® Recliner Reviews

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Average Ratings:
Overall   4.20 out of 5
Easy To Set Up   5.00 out of 5
Value for your money   3.00 out of 5
Usability   5.00 out of 5
Features   4.00 out of 5
Meets expectations   4.00 out of 5

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Great chair but

Author: booper dad on December 19, 2012
Product Ratings:
Overall: 4.2 out of 5
Easy To Set Up: 5 out of 5
Value for your money: 3 out of 5
Usability: 5 out of 5
Features: 4 out of 5
Meets expectations: 4 out of 5

booper dad wrote:

I have had the chair PC-086 for several months now and I feel like I can give a fair review after using the chair for several months. First thing, the chair was delivered ready to go once it was plugged in. The one thing that keeps bothering me some is the lack of memory foam! In a chair already loaded you would expect to see memory foam. Not at almost $300 upgrade I find my bottom getting uncomfortable after an hour or so!

The massage feature does help with this as does the infra-red heating, but just think how good the chair would be if you just include it with the heat & massage & keep as close to the price you have now. I can tell you that the chair offers people with severe back problems rare relief. Even with a Morphine pump I still have all kinds of difficulty! So why not offer the "Rolls Royce" of chairs with all the bells & whistles?

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