Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-085 Transitional Zero-Gravity Recliner, Inspired by the NASA Neutral-Body Posture Studies:

PC-085 Perfect Chair® Transitional Zero-Gravity Recliner Reviews

Explore the Zero Gravity Perfect Chair PC-085 reviews. The PC-085 Perfect Chair Transitional is a zero-gravity recliner that takes the weight of the world off your back and lets you ease into total relaxation. Perfect is a word that’s often overused – but sometimes, it’s the perfect description. The Human Touch® PC-085 Perfect Chair Transitional Zero-Gravity Recliner artfully blends the best of aesthetics, technology and wellness in a seating experience that transcends even the highest standards of comfort. The electric recline system of the PC-085 zero-gravity recliner eases the body into a virtually weightless position, elevating the legs above the heart and relieving weight from the spine. Crafted with only the finest materials and advanced technology, the PC-085 Zero-Gravity Recliner is a beautiful addition to your home decor.

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Average Ratings:
Overall   4.40 out of 5
Easy To Set Up   5.00 out of 5
Value for your money   4.00 out of 5
Usability   4.33 out of 5
Features   4.33 out of 5
Meets expectations   4.33 out of 5

PC-085 Perfect Chair® Transitional Zero-Gravity Recliner - Reviews from 1 to 3

not perfect...comfortable but several flaws

Author: cheekyboots on May 31, 2012
Product Ratings:
Overall: 3.4 out of 5
Features: 4 out of 5
Meets expectations: 3 out of 5
Easy To Set Up: 5 out of 5
Value for your money: 2 out of 5
Usability: 3 out of 5

cheekyboots wrote:


It definitely helps my back. I can work for hours with my laptop and have no pain whatsoever. It's way better than sitting upright in my office chair. I use it every day and it's extremely comfortable.


1. It is made out of very thin painted-on fake leather, and any tiny scratch shows the light-colored material underneath which looks awful. And I have a cat, and she likes to climb up to sit above my head, so forget about it. It looked dinged up the first week, and now it looks horrible. I really, really wish they would just use real upholstery fabric which can hold up way better to real use. We don't all live in pristine minimalist houses with no pets or kids.

2. The leg rest almost immediately became bowed as the support started bending. There was hardly any strength to it. This is why they warn you all over the manual to not stand up until you've put the chair ALL the way back into an upright position. But come on - that takes forever. I am in and out of this chair all day, sometimes I'm just going to hop out of the chair. And any bit of excess pressure on the leg rest made it bow. What I ended up doing is have my brother reinforce it with a 2 x 4 - which worked great, but I don't expect to have to retrofit a $2000 chair myself a few months after owning it.

3. The cushion on the foot rest is not memory foam or latex which means it gets compressed, and pretty quickly. There's a big valley in mine now, where my legs go. That goes for my butt too - the padding under it is getting thinner as time goes on.

So. Basically I just don't think it's a very high quality product. It's a well thought out concept, and the proportions and design are great. But the implementation is with poor quality materials - cheap fabric, cheap foam, and inadequate reinforcement.

For this much money, they could easily use a foam like latex that holds its shape and lasts for decades. They could easily offer real leather, or a durable and attractive upholstery fabric. And they could obviously reinforce it more - we did it in about half an hour.

I'm disappointed that for the price you don't get better quality. Unfortunately it's the only chair like it that I've found so I guess I'm going to be living with it for awhile.

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Really helps my back

Author: mfkfamily on October 28, 2011
Product Ratings:
Overall: 5 out of 5
Features: 5 out of 5
Meets expectations: 5 out of 5
Easy To Set Up: 5 out of 5
Value for your money: 5 out of 5
Usability: 5 out of 5

mfkfamily wrote:

My wife bought this chair for me since I have serious lower back spine issues. Whenever my back is starting to feel sore, I sit in the chair and lean back and I get a lot of relief. It has become my main chair to read, watch TV, and work on the computer. Even when not fully reclined, it is so comfortable and takes pressure off of my lower back. I love it.

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best buy made on-line

Author: TedB on October 10, 2008
Product Ratings:
Overall: 4.8 out of 5
Value for your money: 5 out of 5
Usability: 5 out of 5
Features: 4 out of 5
Meets expectations: 5 out of 5
Easy To Set Up: 5 out of 5

TedB wrote:

Was hesitant to make such a substantial purchase on-line but had tried out the same model chair locally at a MUCH higher price. THIS CHAIR IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. It totally relaxes your whole body taking pressure off of and relieving pain from your back. Beautiful grain leather, easy to put together. BEST MONEY SPENT!!

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